Why Body Forge?

Body Forge Fitness is not your average gym, it is a private strength  and fitness facility that provides personalized training for beginners to seasoned lifters. There are no cookie cutter workouts given by inexperienced trainers . We provide one on one coaching tailored to help you reach your goals. The facility is not loud and over crowded, you have the space and equipment all to yourself with nothing but your coach's undivided attention. We offer more than a simple service, we provide results, and the knowledge you'll need to continue making progress well into the future. 


Meet the Owner

Nick Sattelberg

My name is Nick Sattelberg, and I am the owner of Body Forge Fitness. I started lifting weights in highschool as a hobby and to help my performance in the sports I played. This hobby eventually turned into a way of life, and I quickly went from being a very skinny sprinter, to one of the strongest kids at my school. While attending the University of Michigan I was introduced to powerlifting, and immediately found my calling in the strength world. I competed in my first meet in 2010 and went on to break multiple Michigan State records as a teen and junior. I graduated college with a Bachelors in Biochemistry, and while I have been a career scientist for many years, strength training has continued to be one of my true passions. I have totaled 1760 @ 198 lbs putting me in the top 20 198 lb raw lifters in the nation at the time. Some of my favorite gym accomplishments include a 507 lb benchpress, a 700 lb deadlift, and a 570 lb front squat.



Building a better you

At Body Forge Fitness, we want to help build a better you. What are your personal goals? Do you just want to get in shape or lose a little weight? We can make it happen. Are you interested in competing in your first meet? We can coach you through the entire process. Maybe you have dreams of being an elite level strength athlete? We can offer years of personal experience, along with extensive science based training and nutritional knowledge to guide you along your journey.

Here are just a few services we have to offer at The Forge:


Private Facility

Enjoy your training sessions in a private studio with no distractions and no judgement. This space is heated and cooled, and you can even choose any music that you'd like. You'll have access to over 1000 lbs in weights, a power rack, specialty bars, a cable machine with smith attachment, reverse hyper, belt squat, dumbbells, and more. We have all the basics that you could need to train effectively for strength or general fitness, with more additions to come. There is even plenty of room for a small group to train,  so bring your friend or favorite training partner (inquire about discounts for sessions with more than 1 person). 

We are located just off Highway 42 between NC 50 and I-40, 15 minutes from both Fuquay Varina and Garner.

Nick sattelberg

Strength Coach



Willow Spring, NC 27592

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